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The Brokerage that helps you live your dreams and reach your destination!

What could you do with More Money and More Time?

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What’s Your Destination?

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What are you missing out on?

You dream big dreams, but what are you missing out on with high broker fees and never-ending admin tasks?

NavX Realty puts more money in your pocket with 100% commission and gives you your time back with optional administrative support on every listing and transaction.

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Valuable tools, resources, and support to make your life better!

100% Commission

Cap at an industry low $4,200, and then keep 100% of your commission.

Best in the Biz Listing &
Transaction Support

Our Agent Care Team and systems make your life easier through world-class service to you and your clients through our eXcel Plan. 

Practical Technology

A tech suite that generates business for you. This helps you creatively market yourself and your listings while effectively managing your leads, listings, and transactions.

Training Beyond Real Estate

Real estate training for experienced and new agents, plus video content from some of the world’s greatest leaders, and content to help you personally including marriage and finance, among other topics.

Relationship Focused Culture

Everything we do is to help you “Build Relationships That Move People,” and strengthen the most important relationships in your life.

Built For Teams

Team plans where the Caps go down, and your team of 4+ agents has a total team Cap of just $12,000/Year!

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We know what it’s like to pay a lot of money into your brokerage and not see real value in your everyday life.

The NavX Realty Founders and Leadership Team has more than 60 years of real estate experience. We have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into traditional real estate brokerages, all while paying an admin staff to process our transactions. We realized that losing this money resulted in missing out on investment opportunities, dream vacations, paying off debt, paying cash for college educations, and even early retirements.  We started NavX Realty to ensure that you don’t have to miss out on life’s greatest moments. We believe in giving agents their money, their time, and ultimately their lives back.

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NavX Realty makes it easy to move toward your destination in 3 steps!


Schedule a conversation
to “dream a little.”
(We call it a “Destination Session”)


Our team gets to work on your transition plan.


Make the BIG Announcement, and start living your dreams!

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Real Estate Your Way

You work hard for your money, and let's face it, Real Estate is demanding... 

With the nature of the business, we often hear agents say they feel like they're giving up too much of their hard-earned money to their broker and too much time to the menial tasks that are required in this business. It leaves them feeling like they are missing out on what is most important in life. You know, the things like, being the lead cheerleader at your little guy’s soccer game; taking the one you love on that dream vacation; or writing that final check to declare your financial freedom.

We understand how you feel. We felt the same way. In fact, NavX Realty’s Founders gave up literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to traditional brokerage models during our careers. Most recently, we were lured to the largest “cloud-based brokerage,” only to find that we were really not saving all that much money, and we were receiving so little value for what we were paying in.

So what are you missing out on? 

We started NavX Realty as a true 100% commission brokerage because we want to give agents their money, their time, and ultimately their lives back. We believe that you shouldn’t have to miss out on the things that are most important to you. 
NavX Realty lets our agents keep 100% of their commission and provides optional listing and transaction admin support through our eXcel Plan so you can stop missing out. We believe in giving you your money, your time, and ultimately, your life back!

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NavX Realty Compensation Plan

The 100 Plan

$4,200 Cap

60/40 Split to Cap, then keep 100% Commission
$99/Mo Tech and E&O Fee
$50/Transaction Compliance Fee

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